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Frequently Asked Questions
Melinda Roth Photography

Where should I shoot? Outdoors, In Studio or in my home.?

  • This is always a tough decision, but the best thing to do is just go with your gut!

  • Are you a nature lover? Do you love the idea of the wind in your hair and shots of your family running, spinning, and tumbling all over? Then the outdoors is your jam! 

  • Are your children still too young to run and tumble and you would like something a little more soft, calm and intimate? Indoors is perfect for this. And don’t worry, I’ll still make you tickle the heck out of each other and dance or jump on the bed,  because hey, what’s life without some giggles and silliness?

  • Do you love your home and want to capture all the ordinary but incredible everyday moments? In-home shoots have a lifestyle feel that can be perfection. Dancing in the living room, baking in the kitchen, jumping on the beds, snuggled up reading on the couch. All of these moments are worth capturing. Having great natural light in your home makes these sessions even more amazing!

I don't know what to wear!

  • Choose your outfit first and then make your family coordinate with you, because if Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy!

  • Buy that dress that you’ve been eyeing forever, you’re going to be looking at these photos for years on your walls, do you really want to be in that same old pair of jeans? 

  • Feeling like you don’t want to spend a ton of money but want something fantastic? There are a ton of great rental sites out there. One of my favorites is for maternity clothes (and a lot are great on non pregnant ladies too) …. Come check out my client closet...or go shopping, wear the darn thing for an hour and then return it, I won’t tell. 

  • Bottom line, buy something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, this is a big day! Which leads me to….

Should I get my hair and makeup done?

  • Are you the gal that feels stressed doing your own hair & makeup?  Would it totally ease your mind to have a glam squad? THEN DO IT!

  • Do you feel way better when you have a tan? Then GO GET that spray tan girl!

  • I can book my go-to girls for you or you can hire your own. Most of my ladies charge around $140 for a hair & makeup combo.

My kids never listen, I'm worried we won't get any good shots.

  • Please leave the unruly child worrying to me. I’m great at making a fool of myself and making kiddos laugh. This is also why I allow an hour for all my sessions, that way if a child is getting restless we can take a snack break or let them run around for a bit and get their wiggles out (These end up being some of my favorite photos). Also, if you have a smile on your face then it won’t matter what your silly kid is doing, it will look adorable either way. It’s when Mom and Dad look stressed that the photo becomes uncomfortable.

Me and my partner HATE getting our photos taken, any tips on how we can chill out? 

  • No one is comfortable getting their photo taken except three year olds and Heidi Klum, so the first thing to remember is, you’re not alone! My style of photography is natural, candid and relaxed by nature, so when you’re not sure what to do, just  look at each other, talk to each other, kiss, snuggle and go ahead and laugh at the awkwardness….this is who you are, embrace it! And then maybe every once in awhile I will tell you to look at me. 

  • I have a lot of tricks for helping adults loosen up just like kids, remember, I’m comfortable making a fool out of myself.

I booked a Newborn Session, do I need to bring anything? How do I prepare at home?

  • Nope! I will provide everything! I have swaddles, headbands for girls and a few cute little outfits for both sexes. My style is very minimalistic though and I don’t use props. If you want your baby in a bucket, a miniature bathtub or some sort of tiny bed then you will have to bring it along!  

  • I do recommend including a family heirloom if you have one. Maybe you still have your stuffed animal from when you were a child, or your old baby blanket, these kind of extras can be very sweet in photos.

  • If we are shooting in your home I will send over a prep list at the time of booking. Nothing to stress over, just a few things to keep in mind while getting ready for the day.

Do you travel?

  • I sure do! My home base is in Monrovia, CA, as well as my studio, but I’m happy to travel to a fun location or your home. I will travel anywhere within an hour of my home free of charge, but after that there is a $70 travel fee per hour for my time and gas.

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