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Did you buy a nice camera thinking you were going to take amazing photos of your kids but have no idea where to start?

Have you wanted to take the leap into photography as a real business but feel like a fish out of water and paralyzed by all the questions and how to's?

Listen, I've been there and I feel your pain! I've literally done all the legwork for you and have designed three courses to help you take the jump! Let's start the next phase of your journey. Sometimes all we need is a tiny push out of our fear and into our dreams. I'm here for the shove! 




90 minute In Person Class


1hr Discussion - Including Q&A​​

-Camera settings including but not limited to;

 ISO, F STOP, and every other feature on the back of your camera that you're confused about.

-Lightroom/Photoshop & Presets, why you need them and which ones are my favorite.

-Lighting tips. Where to place your subject for the optimal shot. 

-30 minute shoot time with a model to practice your skills and trouble shoot with me on hand.


3 hour In Person Class


-What is your Why?

-How I took the leap and how you can too!

-How to start photographing people when you still feel green.

-How to hone in on your own style and set yourself apart from the competition

-How to find your ideal client.

-How to give back while you learn...the Universe is listening friends.

-Lightroom.Photoshop & Presets, why you need them and which are my favorite.

-Invest in yourself and your craft:

Learn the tools and platforms I use to run my business, and the online communities that support you and hold you accountable. Partnerships that streamline your workflow and inspire your workday.

-Social Media: how to find the right hashtags and who to tag in your photos to get featured. Learning how to increase your social media engagement.

-Tips on building your website & the basics of SEO

-Camera Basics refresh

-Lighting techniques and tips. How to place your subject for the optimal shot.

-1hr shoot time with a family where I show you how I pose and communicate with my clients for a relaxed comfortable experience. Time for you to practice and ask any questions. 


6 week check in


-30 minute weekly phone calls

-Including but not limited to: weekly prompts, guides and suggested assignments to further your craft. Trouble shooting support for whatever phase you are in on this journey. Motivation and swift kicks in the bum.

-FaceTime support for assistance with editing questions.

-Accountability is key for thriving, I'm here for you!

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