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Did you buy a nice camera thinking you were going to take amazing photos of your kids but have no idea where to start?

Have you wanted to take the leap into photography as a real business but feel like a fish out of water and paralyzed by all the questions and how to's?

 Let's start the next phase of your journey. Sometimes all we need is a tiny push out of our fear and into our dreams. I'm here for the shove! 

Check out my two course options below and see what would be the best fit!



6 week check in


-30 minute weekly phone calls

-Including but not limited to: weekly prompts, guides and suggested assignments to further your craft. Trouble shooting support for whatever phase you are in on this journey. Motivation and swift kicks in the bum.

-FaceTime support for assistance with editing questions.

-Accountability is key for thriving, I'm here for you!


90 minute In Person Class - April 22



1hr Discussion - Including Q&A​​

-Camera settings including but not limited to;

 ISO, F STOP, and every other feature on the back of your camera that you're confused about.

-Lightroom/Photoshop & Presets, why you need them and which ones are my favorite.

-Lighting tips. Where to place your subject for the optimal shot. 

-30 minute shoot time with a model to practice your skills and trouble shoot with me on hand.

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